WANTED Participants for FREE Nutritional Training


Perhaps you or someone you know might be interested in the project I’m working on. I am in the process of designing a dietary (food / supplement) program for kids with a professional diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of any of the following:



Sensory Processing Disorder



Anxiety Disorder

And any other Child Behavior Disorder not listed here


Of course, this program can help all children better thrive but the focus is to address specific symptoms of the above mentioned disorders.


What I am looking for is a parent / caregiver who would be willing to participate in the program by following the guidelines at home and then answer a few questions each month so I can track their child’s progress and results.  The program is totally free and all of the information, guidelines and recipes will be available via email or on my blog SharingMom.com.  My intention is to simply do some research for a potential book on the topic.


To learn a little more about the general premise of the program, click here.  To access the growing library of recipes, please see my blog: SharingMom.com.


If you are interested in participating, please email me at josiedovidio@gmail.com with the word “Gut Reaction” in the subject line.


Also, feel free to forward this  to anyone you feel might be interested in the program or in the information provided by my blog.


Thank you!

How to Help your Child: Sensory Integration and Therapeutic Listening

Early on in my son’s life, we could tell that he seemed to be overly sensitive to the stimulation around him. But we weren’t sure what that meant or if anything needed to be addressed, so we didn’t.

Then when he started pre-school, I mentioned his peculiar behavior  to the pre-school director who listened attentively and then mentioned that my child might be having Sensory Integration issues and recommended a book called “Out of Sync Child” by Carol Kranowitz.

Sure enough, reading this book was eye-opening.  It felt like they were writing about my son!  The information I learned helped me help my child in his early years.

As he got older, the way his brain organized and integrated  sensory input seemed to be changing.  So now, through his occupational  therapy program, we are doing Therapeutic Listening  and I have been seeing great results.

If your child has sensory integration issues, Asperger’s or Autism, I would recommend you ask your therapist about Therapeutic Listening.

To learn more about any of the content above, click on the links.  There is so much help out there!  I hope this info points you in the right direction.

Think your child needs help but not sure where to turn?


Mommy instincts can be an amazing thing.  Sometimes you just know something is a little “off” with your child but you wouldn’t even know where to go for help figuring it out! As the mother of an Asperger’s child, I get a lot of questions from moms about how I came to the diagnosis.  The answer is that I was referred to Dr. Torquato in Simi Valley by another mom who was dealing with the same issues I was!

Is your child having difficulty learning, paying attention or getting along with other children? In fact, many children are assumed to have ADD/ADHD when they are really dealing with learning disabilities, anxiety or an auditory processing problem. Or maybe your child is “high maintenance” and none of the usual parenting techniques seem to work. Has a professional or friend suggested that your child might be “Bipolar” because of severe temper tantrums. Are you frustrated with your child’s behavior or concerned that he/she will have difficulty in life due to anger, frustration or irrational fears?

Dr. Torquato performs a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s learning, cognitive abilities, social/emotional functioning and behavior in order to accurately determine the root of the problems and make recommendations to help the child succeed at home and school. Furthermore, Dr. Torquato has a strong background in developmental disabilities and behavior analysis. This allows her to more accurately assess and diagnosis children with neuro-developmental disorders, such as high functioning autism, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Asperger’s syndrome.

In addition, Dr. Torquato has expertise in reviewing previously administered school testing and interpreting the findings for parents. She also guides parents through the special education process and attends Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings, as needed. Dr. Torquato also enjoys working collaboratively with school psychologists, administrators and special education teachers and staff, in order to assist parents in advocating effectively for their children.

If you think you or your child would benefit from any of these services,  I would recommend Dr. Torquato in Simi Valley. Contact Dr. Torquato at (805) 527-4146 or drshiro@netzero.net