A Gluten Free Pasta Recommendation

Gluten Free Pasta

For a variety of reasons, I am always interested in trying gluten-free stuff. Being Italian, finding a gluten-free pasta that doesn’t disappoint can be challenging.  But I think I found one!  I was shopping at Fresh & Easy and came across this box in the Gluten-Free section of the store.  Admittedly, I purchased it with some hesitation as I hate cooking food that I don’t enjoy eating.

I ended up making Ancient Quinoa Harvest shell pasta with some sauce for me and the boys one night when hubby was out-of-town.  The boys didn’t seem to notice a difference in taste or texture (I didn’t tell them it was different – I wanted an “organic”  reaction). They ate every last bite without missing a beat. 

As for me, I could tell it wasn’t the traditional pasta I am used to but it had a good flavor and texture. I was pleasantly surprised.  So, if like me, you are continually on the look out for gluten-free products that actually are yummy to eat, try this brand. (I’m sure they sell it at Whole Foods and Sprouts too). I think you’ll like it!

Gluten Free Pasta


 Ancient Harvest Gluten Free Organic Pasta
Our pastas are made in a gluten-free facility.
Made with a blend of organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour.

Our gluten-free pastas come in 8 oz boxes and 10 lb bulk.
We have seven gluten-free varieties:

Garden Pagodas

New Health Food Store in Moorpark


Moorpark welcomes Healing Heart Vitamins & Health Food Store (in the Albertsons shopping center near Cafe Firenze).
The store offers a wide variety of supplements, personal care, and grocery items. They only stock items that are gluten-free but that doesn’t mean they don’t have things that everyone can enjoy.

It’s nice to have such a store in our neighborhood!