Ask Costco for More Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Options

I’d like to enlist the help of all of you Costco members out there.  I am pleased to report that my local Costco is stocking its shelves with more Organic products. Every time I go in there seem to be new items to try.  Wishfully thinking, I went to the aisle that carries the flour in hopes of finding some new Gluten-Free flour products. There were none. Then I went to the dairy section in hopes of finding Dairy-Free yogurt options or unsweetened almond milk. I was out of luck there too.

Then it occurred to me that there must be a buyer for the store, someone I could contact to ask for these products as I know it’s not just me shopping for these things in my area.  I asked the manager and was informed that each region has it’s own buyer but they are not allowed to release contact information.  They recommended that I stop at the suggestion booth outside the store to fill in a request form or go online.  Well, it just so happens that the day I was shopping it was raining outside, so I was not about to stop at the booth.


But I did go home and email the following through

I’d like to thank our regional buyer for providing more organic products to our Simi Valley Costco. As a family with special dietary needs, I have been delighted to see more of the products I can use available in bulk.

I would love to see more Gluten-Free products (like flours or pre-packaged snack foods) as well as Dairy-Free products (like coconut, soy or almond yogurt). I appreciate the availability of Almond Milk in the store, however, it is vanilla flavored which makes it higher in sugar content. Is it possible to carry the unsweetened version of Almond Milk? By the way, we LOVE the Kirkland Organic Rice Milk. It is delicious.

Thanks for your consideration as you carefully choose what items to bring to our store. We appreciate your attention to the needs of local families!

Have a great day!


So here is where I plea for your help.  Please click here,, and fill in the form. You have my permission to cut and paste the above verbiage to the comments section.  Or, of course, make  your own suggestions!

I figure if the local buyer gets enough email requests, she will look into carrying more of the stuff we want!  After all, they say the squeaky wheel gets oiled.