WANTED Participants for FREE Nutritional Training

Perhaps you or someone you know might be interested in the project I’m working on. I am in the process of designing a dietary (food / supplement) program for kids with a professional diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of any of the following:



Sensory Processing Disorder



Anxiety Disorder

And any other Child Behavior Disorder not listed here


Of course, this program can help all children better thrive but the focus is to address specific symptoms of the above mentioned disorders.


What I am looking for is a parent / caregiver who would be willing to participate in the program by following the guidelines at home and then answer a few questions each month so I can track their child’s progress and results.  The program is totally free and all of the information, guidelines and recipes will be available via email or on my blog SharingMom.com.  My intention is to simply do some research for a potential book on the topic.


To learn a little more about the general premise of the program, click here.  To access the growing library of recipes, please see my blog: SharingMom.com.


If you are interested in participating, please email me at josiedovidio@gmail.com with the word “Gut Reaction” in the subject line.


Also, feel free to forward this  to anyone you feel might be interested in the program or in the information provided by my blog.


Thank you!

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