TurmericTurmeric is a bright-yellow spice bursting with antioxidants, that adds color and a slight toasty flavor to dishes.

A recent study reported that antioxidants lowered irritability in children with autism as well as reduced repetitive behaviors associated with ASD. While further research is needed, antioxidants show promise as autism treatment for certain behaviors.

Flavor side dishes by sprinkling turmeric into stir-frys and vegetable sautés. Or add it to simmering quinoa or rice .

Brighten chicken and fish by mixing turmeric with other spices for a meat rub or add turmeric to your favorite marinades. It will natually add a yellow color to your dish.

Add often but sparingly. Too much turmeric makes a dish bitter. Use about a half-teaspoon for four servings.

*To boost phytonutrient absorption, combine with black pepper.


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