What I’ve Learned from Other Moms

It occurred to me one day that some of my best parenting tips have come from my friends.  While our “Moms Night Out” are few and far between (thanks to homework, soccer practice, cub scouts, ballet, work, homemaking, etc) the times we actually get together are so full of useful information!

Admittedly, I am an information junky and seeing as we all have unique interests I get to learn things like…Cal Lutheran’s Pool offers pool parties for birthdays or reading “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” is a must read.

Then I thought, what if I put all these pearls of wisdom in a blog so that my friends, and their social network of moms, could have a steady stream of insights gleaned from each other?  I plan on often updating this blog with local to-do’s and age-old wisdom, fabulous products that should make life easier,  useful health information and of course, my personal favorite….random thoughts.  I hope you will join me on this  journey by participating, commenting, request info and answering questions that may get put out there.

So, tell all your friends. Something tells me this is going to be as much fun as …watching your son water ski for the first time!  (That happened to me last week)

p.s.  Because there is so much wisdom to be gained by mother’s who have seen their children “leave the nest”, I would love to have young moms, veteran moms and grandmoms join in our discussions.  So invite your facebook family to subscribe.

Stay Tuned (as I’m about ready to tell you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT POISON OAK!!!)


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