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Sugar is a pervasive problem in our culture’s standard diet. It has been proven that sugar contributes to anxiety, depression and hyperactivity. Sugar can also inhibit your ability to think clearly.

When you consume too much sugar, you “crowd out” other foods that provide important nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables. This can be especially bad for children and teenagers who need nutrients for proper growth. For example, if a child chooses soda over milk she is missing out on vitamin D and calcium, both of which are essential for bone health.

Yeast loves sugar. (Click here to learn why this is a problem.) And yes, sugar seems to be in everything these days. Start reading your labels and familiarize yourself with the other names for sugar that appear on those labels.

Here they are for a quick reference:

barley malt

beet sugar

brown sugar

buttered syrup

cane-juice crystals

cane sugar


carob syrup

corn syrup

corn syrup solids

date sugar




diastatic malt

ethyl maltol


fruit juice

fruit juice concentrate


glucose solids

golden sugar

golden syrup

grape sugar

high-fructose corn syrup


invert sugar


malt syrup





raw sugar

refiner’s syrup


sorghum syrup



turbinado sugar

yellow sugar

If you are already feeling overwhelmed, stop. Take a deep breath. Remember, ease into the elimination of sugar. Take baby steps. Start by at least avoiding anything that says “syrup” or ends in “ose”. Or, only buy items that are sweetened with natural fruit juice.

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