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The main purpose of popular sports drinks is to replenish electrolytes. The word “electrolyte” is derived from words meaning “carry” and “energy”. Electrolytes are minerals found in the healthiest foods we can eat, such as fruit and vegetables. However most sports drinks and electrolyte gummies are loaded with sugar, salt, artificial flavors and colors. So here are a few that I recommend that are healthier options.

Ultima Replenisher is a balanced electrolyte drink (available in powder form) that does not contain soy, gluten, MSG, stimulants, sugar or any artificial ingredients. Ultima contains a balance of electrolytes similar to fruits or vegetables, without an excess of any one electrolyte.

Ultima Electrolyte Drink

The main electrolytes include the macro-essential electrolytes: calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and sodium, and the micro-essential electrolytes: selenium, zinc and phosphorus. These minerals, when used in proper ratios, can be utilized by the body systems to control blood flow and oxygen utilization, which thus keeps our cells healthy and our muscles strong. Awake or asleep, our bodies use electrolytes. When exercising or in the heat, we use more electrolytes.

Ultima Replenisher is a wonderful alternative to soda for kids of all ages, as well as moms and dads. It especially comes in handy with people with Crohn’s, colitis or most any other G.I. issue (like those found in Autism Spectrum Disorders) plus people with colds, diarrhea and the flu!

Find this product at Whole Foods and other natural food stores. Or you can get in online at Amazon by clicking here.


Hydration Factor is one of my favorites and I used to buy it at Sprouts but haven’t seen it there lately. Not sure if they stopped carrying it or what. But check for it at Whole Foods or Sprouts next time you go because this product is great! It is free of gluten, dairy, egg, soy, yeast and many other allergens and it is sweetened with stevia. The flavor is mild and not overpowering. If you find it on the shelves, let me know. I’ll go pick some up right away. You can also order it online by clicking here.

ProBar Bolt Organic Energy Chews provide electrolytes, B vitamins and complex carbs for sustained energy. These are great for a quick pick me up at soccer games, track meets and after-school snacks. I love them because they are made with super fruits and are gluten-free! You can find them at Whole Foods and Sprouts or on Amazon by clicking here.

Check back often as I will be adding products as I try them. :)


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