Eliminate Offending Foods

To fully understand the benefits of this plan, please take a moment to read the premise of the program. This will give you the knowledge you need to move forward and implement the concepts discussed below.

The goal: Starve the yeast currently taking up residence in your child’s gut. Restore the proper bacteria / yeast balance in order to reduce digestive inflammation and promote healing of the gut.

How: In this section, we will remove the yeast’s food source so that it will start to weaken and die off.

Summary: Yeast feed on sugar and simple carbohydrates, so reducing or avoiding those foods is important. Avoiding animal milk helps as well since most milk contains naturally occurring sugars. Artificial colors and flavors are synthesized chemicals added to food that may act as irritants. Avoid them. It also makes sense to avoid foods containing yeast or yeast products or extracts, including fruit juice, vinegar (in ketchup and other foods), leavened foods (bread, pizza, bagels, rolls), cheese, and mushrooms (a type of yeast/fungus).


Foods to Avoid


Wheat and gluten products

Animal Milk

Artificial Colors and Flavors

Other Forms of Yeast

Other Known Intestinal Irritants

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