Easy Off Saves the Day!

The other day I was getting my sons ready for school while attempting to get myself ready for work . I started having delusions of grandeur  and thought I would start prepping my dinner as well. On the menu was to be a pasta salad and since I had some pressed barley I wanted to use up, the plan was to cook it so I could cool it in the fridge and have it ready to assemble for dinner. 

So I put out a saucepan,  diligently measured my portion of barley, added the correct amount of water,  put the lid on and turned on the stove.

About 20 minutes later , while scrubbing away in the shower, the house started to smell like something was burning.  Of course, I had totally forgotten about the barley.  It burned so badly that it wasn’t looking very promising for my sauce pan. 

Then I remembered a trick someone told me: spray Easy Off on it and let it sit.  So I did that.

Later that day, I rinsed the pan and most of the caked on “burn” residue washed off.  A few little scrubs later, my sauce pan was good as new!

So, take that and put it in your back pocket.  You never know when it will come in handy!

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