Replacing Sandwich Bread

There are a variety of Gluten-Free breads on the market today. Because palates differ, I suggest you systematically try them all until you find a brand that you like.  The favorite in our house is Udi’s and oddly, my sons seem to favor the millet-chia variety.

I introduced gluten-free bread by toasting it and serving it in the morning when they are the most hungry.  I didn’t even tell them it was different bread. They noticed it was smaller than the bread they were used to but I just told them I bought a different brand of bread (technically true).  After a week or two, I started using the bread, un-toasted, for their sandwiches.  I received a few complaints at first until we found the brand / version they liked (Udi’s Millet-Chia).

If you’re having trouble transitioning your child to this bread for sandwiches, initially offer it just once a week for lunch with their favorite lunch meat or peanut butter, etc.  Then as they develop the taste for it, gradually make them more sandwiches each week until you are fully gluten-free in the sandwich department.

Most health food stores carry Udi’s and I’m happy to report that Trader Joe’s also carries it now and has the best pricing per loaf.  I buy a few loaves and stick them in the freezer. When it’s time to make sandwiches, I take out what I need and let them come to room temperature for about 5-7 minutes before use.


Not Ready Yet?

If you are not ready to go gluten-free just yet, at least switch to a healthier sandwich bread.  Many of my friends enjoy Ezekiel Bread made by Food for Life. They use freshly sprouted certified organic live grains and absolutely no flour. They don’t use any genetically modified organisms (GMO’s),refined sugars or anything artificial.  They are a great alternative if you aren’t ready to give up wheat / gluten.  Keep in mind that since they don’t use anything artificial, this bread will go bad on you fast!  Store it in the fridge and plan on using it quickly.


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