Bacon is the candy of meat.

Since my boys ask for bacon daily (although, I don’t give in daily…) I was determined to find a healthier bacon to serve them. I recognize this may be an oxymoron but just indulge me for a moment. I started reading the labels on the available bacon at the local grocer and was mortified until I came across Hormel’s Natural Choice Original Uncured Bacon. (click here for a coupon)

What I like about this bacon is that it is minimally processed, has no artificial ingredients, no added nitrates or nitrites, no MSG, it is gluten-free and it comes from pigs raised without added hormones. While it does have sugar in it, at least they used turbinado sugar (a minimally processed form of sugar).

To make bacon even healthier, I cook it on my George Forman Grill. I love that the slanted grill allows the bacon grease to drip out of the grill (and land in a drip tray). This ensures that the bacon isn’t cooking IN the grease itself. I think it tastes just as good as frying it, if not better.

Of course, as usual, they boys didn’t even notice a difference when I served the healthier bacon. I’m sure there are other brands of healthier bacon on the market but this is the only natural option that particular grocer had in stock. Just goes to show that if you read your labels, you can make more educated choices and serve healthier foods, even if you aren’t ready to give up bacon!

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