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Today’s guest post was written by Leah Chamberlin, an ADD/ADHD advocate who offers a valuable resource for parents of children with ADD or ADHD.


As a parent you have the entitled right to feel extremely connected to your children and to always hope you know them better than anyone else does or possibly could. With that being said, parents usually tend to have gut instincts regarding their children’s health, life and personality and should remember to take notice to them for the success of your children and their future.

If you find yourself going to a teacher conference meeting for your 12 year old son and you are being told that his teachers are concerned he may have ADD or ADHD, you might have a couple recollections of his younger days when you just knew something was different, not bad, just different about your son. You may have made a comment to his pre-school teacher regarding his behavior and you recall her answer to be somewhere on the lines of “boys will be boys” or “he’s just playing like a boy.” Although you may have liked to extra quality attention focused on your son and his development, there isn’t too much to fret over; most important thing is that your child is healthy and happy. There is still plenty of time to work with your son to ensure his future success in school and in life.

There can be many missed opportunities to address concerns regarding your children, which is why it is imperative to pay attention, note your observations and take the appropriate actions. Observe your child in their younger years when they are playing with other children, find out where they have difficulty and where they strive, talk with teachers and caregivers frequently and ask about all behavior and playing skills. It is better to know all that you can before jumping to any form of conclusions. If you child plays great one on one with other children but doesn’t do as well in a group setting, focus on setting up one on one play dates at your home for him or her.

There is a lot of information out there including forums for parents who think or have a child with ADD or ADHD. Find what works for your child and you and stick to it, it will take time and dedication but it will always be worth it.


Leah is an avid support of the cause. She works with an ADD and ADHD treatment guide to help match parents and children with help in their local vicinity.





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